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While this seems like a simple question, in reality, there are many variables that add or subtract to the actual value of your resort unit. Our database has 1000s of records of offers, sale prices, rental prices, and detailed data of resorts similar to yours. For popular resorts, it is easier to get a more accurate value due to more transactions occurring. If your resort has less activity, sometimes the value has a wider price range.
Yes, depending on your situation or your specific timeshare resort, we have services that can work for you or can satisfy your needs. Often times the situation regarding the timeshare itself, the owner, and the service requested is different, so we offer several options to meet those needs. These alternate options do not require an upfront advertising fee.
This depends on which option you choose to rid yourself of your timeshare and other variables. A quick, free, and no-obligation consultation can us help to better provide a time-frame.
When you cancel or exit your timeshare, the timeshare resort will officially release you from the timeshare contract and any and all financial obligations to the resort/developer. Our legal team has a number of proven methods to help owners cancel their timeshares and it's and 100% guaranteed.

When selling your timeshare the ownership is officially and professionally transferred to the new owner for a mutually agreed upon price.
Yes, we offer an IRS approved timeshare appraisal that can be used for tax reasons or if you are wanting your timeshare appraised for a buyer or various legal situations.